Sunnyside Cemetery

Sunnyside Cemetery signSunnyside Cemetery
Hwy 62 E
Beaver Dam, KY  42320

Contact Person:

Amy Puckett





Cemetery Guidelines:

  • The placing of any shrub, tree, plant, boxes, toys, shelves, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, benches, vases, glass and/or similar articles on cemetery plots is prohibited.  If so placed, the City of Beaver Dam may remove them.  The City of Beaver Dam may remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds or plants of any kind as well as the aforementioned items from the Cemetery as soon as (in the judgment of City of Beaver Dam or its Superintendent) they become unsightly, diseased or do not conform to the above standards.  The City of Beaver Dam shall not be liable for the damage and/or removal of said items.  The City of Beaver Dam may dispose of such items.
  • Shepherd’s poles, hooks, arches and the like, must be placed next to the headstone.
  • No fencing of any type is allowed around the cemetery plot and will be removed.
  • The cemetery hereby disclaims responsibility of an act of God that may injure either bodily or materially any person or thing within the cemetery.
  • No recreational riding of mopeds, motorized scooters, motorcycles, ATV’s, go-carts, motor vehicles, horses, ponies or like animals is allowed.
  • Sunnyside CemeteryThe City of Beaver Dam will be responsible for all mowing and maintenance required.

Plot Prices:

  • Old Sections: $250.00 each
  • New Sections (H & I): $400.00 each


To all families that have loved ones buried at the Beaver Dam Sunnyside Cemetery...

When the City sells a burial lot, it is our aim to provide a place where you can find comfort and peace during a time of unrest.  When a family purchases a lot, the City agrees to maintain that lot in a pleasing and presentable fashion.  On each deed it is written, “There shall be nothing placed above the ground on the lot, except the monument.” This includes benches, solar lighting, flags, arches, curbing, above ground foot markers, etc. All cornerstones must be flush with the ground.  We are not unreasonable with families that wish to place flowers on their loved ones graves.  But we must request that this be kept within reason. The following decorations will continue to be acceptable: flowers placed on the monuments (saddles, side vases, etc.) and flowers on shepherd’s hooks.  Any decorations that do not fit into the above categories are not acceptable and must be removed.

All families are responsible to have item(s) removed from the gravesites by March 31, 2013 or the City reserves the right to clean Sunnyside Cemetery accordingly.

It is not our intent to bring heartache to any family, but because of continued maintenance costs we must ask families to abide by the agreement made when the lots were purchased.

If you have questions concerning this or any other concerns about Beaver Dam’s Sunnyside Cemetery, please call City Hall at 270-274-7106.

Beaver Dam City Commission

Sunnyside Cemetery